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Unlock the Power of Middle Management with Jeff Sigel’s New Book

Unlock the Power of Middle Management with Jeff Sigel’s New Book


Seasoned business leader and middle management coach, Jeff Sigel, is excited to announce the release of his insightful new book, The Middle Matters: A Toolkit for Middle Managers. Slated for launch in June 2024, this essential guide is set to provide valuable strategies for middle managers looking to enhance their roles and unlock their full potential.

In an era where middle management roles are increasingly at risk due to cost-cutting and evolving workplace dynamics, The Middle Matters: A Toolkit for Middle Managers offers a fresh perspective on how to maximize impact from the middle. Drawing on over two decades of firsthand experience, Sigel inspires middle managers to embrace their unique position as a powerful platform for leadership and influence. Through vivid storytelling and practical insights, this book delves into the three essential roles of the middle manager: Doer, Leader, and Influencer.

Key takeaways from The Middle Matters include:

  • Building Credibility: Mastering the details, fostering a can-do attitude, and effectively managing up to build trust with your superiors.
  • Expanding Team Capacity: Providing purpose, feedback, and a supportive culture to enable your team to deliver outstanding results.
  • Fostering Commitment: Gaining buy-in from employees, peers, and leaders by taking ownership, removing obstacles, and skillfully navigating organizational politics.
  • Whether you are a seasoned professional seeking fresh perspectives or an aspiring leader aiming to thrive in the corporate hierarchy, The Middle Matters equips you with the tools and mindset needed for success.


Name: Jeff Sigel

Phone: 717 805 4681


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